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Vicenza: the World Capital of Gold

Vicenzaoro, the most important exhibition for gold and jewelry industry, known worldwide, takes place every year in the beautiful background of this town. 
Some of the most important brands of gold and jewelry industry were born in Vicenza.

We were born and grew up with them.

Vicenza: our special source of inspiration

Vicenza is a town of art and craftmanship, where the aesthetic sense of beauty becomes design, through creativity and entrepreneurship, intuition and skills. Vicenza is all this, and every day it is a source of inspiration for us.

Vicenza, as well as many other Italian cities, can be considered one of the capitals of beauty. In the streets of the town center and in the great villas that surround it the trait of Andrea Palladio can be read clearly and distinctively. The great architect was born in Padua in 1508 but he lived and worked mainly in Vicenza, where he designed the most significant buildings of the town, such as Villa Capra, called La Rotonda. With his work, he deeply influenced Western architecture for the following three centuries. The White House, home of the US President, is designed in Palladian style and so is Thomas Jefferson’s residence in Monticello. In 2010 the Congress of the United States recognized Palladio as the “father of American architecture”.

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