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Reliability, professional service and innovative solutions

We make automatic and manual stamping dies for the production of bracelets, necklaces, earring clasps and pendant clasps, earrings clasps, bracelets clasps, butterflies, wedding rings, hooks, marine knots, cube, Cleopatra, omega clips, rings, sone holders, spheres, semi-finished and other pieces.

Precision, quality and a highly qualified staff

We design and create stamping dies, as well as customized equipment with the help of an advanced technology and in-depth knowledge of the gold industry requirements.

Continuous research, innovation and development of new products

Our job starts from planning. The support and collaboration of the best technicians available and the application of the most advanced technologies allow us to offer our customers absolute quality and reliability. For example we make 3D printed prototypes for the evaluation of the product before its actual production.

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Via Sette, 52 - 36030
Caldogno (VI) - ITALY

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