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Machines for cosmetics

Cosmetics: an endless boom

In the last decade cosmetics has been constantly growing thanks to its ability to draw people’s attention but also to involve many other production and business sectors. The cosmetic industry is constantly updated: new products are proposed to end users almost every day. These products are usually better than the foregoings as for the raw materials used and for their visual aspect, which must be in accordance with the current fashion trends.

Within this situation of constant innovation our company has been able over time to meet the various and always changing producers needs.

Machines and equipment for cosmetic industry

We specialized in the production of machines and equipment for cosmetic industry, such as:

  • automated, semi-automated and lab powder presses for dry and wet powders
  • semi-automatic machines for mixing: blender mills
  • turboemulsifiers
  • mixing tanks
  • vibrating screens
  • displacement pumps for dosing thick and semi-dense liquids
  • extruders