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A centuries-old history

Vicenza, gold capital

Vicenza goldsmithery boasts a long-standing and ancient tradition, with a thriving and high quality production.

With its centuries-old tradition and a constantly evolving activity, Vicenza goldsmithery is an international point of reference in its field.

As a matter of fact, some of the most important jewellery brands were born in Vicenza, as well as many companies that work in this field.

This is exactly the context where Lorenzato srl grows up and develops over the years.

Vicenza, gold capital: a centuries-old tradition

Since the Medieval period goldsmithery in Vicenza has always been a thriving and profitable business. Nowadays Vicenza is a strategic hub as well as an international point of reference.

Local goldsmithery

Good taste and quality made Vicenza goldsmithery timeless. During the centuries, this form of art followed fashion trends but more often it anticipated them. Nowadays the art of gold looks back to its shining past to find its inspiration. So tradition and innovation co-exist in each workpiece as a result of local goldsmiths creativity and mastery. In modern times their skilled hands are supported by innovative machines to produce a wide array of workpieces, from high-end jewellery to chains and safety clasps, and many others.

Vicenza Oro

Goldsmithery is a very precious heritage in the history and culture of our town. That is why Vicenza hosts many important international exhibitions and trade fairs. Each year, in the city of Palladio takes place Vicenza Oro, one of the most important jewellery fairs.

Vicenza, gold capital: our special source of inspiration

Vicenza, arts and crafts town, where the sense of beauty becomes high quality design, through creativity and entrepreneurship, inspiration and skills.

Vicenza is all this and more, and every day it is a source of inspiration for us.