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Before we get into a detailed description of our turbo-emulsifier we should probably say a few words about the importance of emulsion in the cosmetics sector, as well as in many others.

What are emulsions

Emulsions are one of the main forms in which cosmetics are made. They can be fluid, creamy or in gel form. They are widely appreciated and used on account of their enormous versatility. On the skin, in fact, they perform detergent, hydrating and nourishing functions, depending on their composition and the properties of the functional substances they contain.

From the formulative standpoint, emulsions are produced by agitation and heating. This process serves to reduce to a minimum the dimensions of the molecular aggregates, and the interfacial tension between the phases.

It is in this context that we call you attention to our emulsions.

What are turbo-emulsifiers and what do they do?

Turbo-emulsifiers are machines designed to produce fluids (creams, make-up, gel, toothpastes, ice cream, creamy foods, etc.) They are used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries to process high quality products. The exceptional efficiency of the blending systems reduces processing time and the use of the turbine ensures uniform emulsions.

Lorenzato srl for you

To meet the increasing demands of the cosmetics industry and its market, we design and produce turbo-emulsifiers in a range of models. We work prevalently “to specifications” to produce machines adaptable to the needs of the clientele rather than vice versa.

The machines, in a vertical cylindrical shape, are equipped with three independent blending organs that ensure exceptionally high performance.


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