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Machines for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, like those for the cosmetics industry, are characterized by the use, in their design and production, of innovative, advanced technologies that guarantee absolute precision in their use and operation.

Cosmetic powders: what they are and how they are compressed

The powders used in cosmetics are made from blends of numerous raw materials.

These ingredients are mixed in the proper quantities, blended correctly and then compressed to obtain marketable products which can be packaged as face powder, blush, eye shadow, makeup or in compact kits.

Pressing of cosmetic powders

The compacting procedure is a fundamental operation to obtain qualitatively excellent finished products.

Lorenzato srl works alongside your company in this fundamental and delicate processing step, with the aid of its technologically advanced pressing machines.

Our pressing machines: our goal

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with an excellent piece of machinery, ideal for their particular needs. Our pressing machines are customizable, in fact, with optionals that increase their technical and productive potential.

We are able to provide both semi-automatic standard machines, ideal for small and medium productions, and fully automatic machines with large production capacities.

We are always in search of technological innovations adaptable to the changing needs of the market in order to develop new proposals and interesting projects in line with the trends of the times.

Why choose us?

The professionalism and skill we offer our clientele, whether it is a small business or a large cosmetic company, are the result of constant growth and progress acquired working day by day. Our clients know this well when they decide to rely on our team of consultants and experts. We have shown them that we are able to design and develop custom solutions with high standards of quality and safety, and always offer complete pre- and post-sales service.

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