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In spite of the period, Lorenzato srl was once again in play. In fact, Vicenza recently hosted the prestigious trade fair for the goldsmithing industry, where exhibitors can meet and discuss business with companies and industries from all over the world. The largest trade fair of its kind in Europe in the post pandemic period, the event brought 800 exhibitors to the Veneto region – 30% of them foreign companies from 24 countries – and operators from Italy, Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. and Russia

All in all, it was a good result, thanks to the tireless desire to get back to work at a time when travel is still difficult.

T Gold

T Gold is a participant in the Vicenzaoro event, the largest European showcase devoted to Gold and Jewelry, a regular Business Hub for the sector, capable of arranging meetings with the most authoritative players in the world of gold and jewelry. The main access to the European markets for producers from the Russian area and the Middle East, it is the ideal place to develop and consolidate relations. It is also a privileged observatory onto the latest trends with regard to styles and design in the gold and jewelry market.

Our participation

It was an effort but we felt it was worth making for our clients and for those who, every day, place their trust in us.

An opportunity for those of us who operate in the sector. One of the most important events in the world devoted to technological innovation at the service of the creativity of our goldsmiths and jewelers.

The five days of the fair were an opportunity to talk about a body of technological know-how – that has always been Italian – to a sector that is finally on the move again after the pandemic period, to celebrate that indissoluble bond between creative skill and technology responsible for transforming glittering dreams into reality.

But we won’t stop here. Our calendar is full of appointments…. We are always working for you.

What the future holds

We’re preparing for another important event, this time a trade fair in Turkey.  We plan to participate at the Istanbul Jewelry Show, in fact. For us, it will be an opportunity to meet and talk with operators in the sector, where we can show our most recent products, services and technological solutions. It will be a very important event where we can also discover the newest trends in the jewelry world.

Continue to follow us to stay up-to-date.

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