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Everyone, from the manufacturer to the end consumer, especially these days, has an eye on what can easily be called the ecological transition.

In almost every sector, including cosmetics, enormous steps have been done to try to minimise the environmental impact of the product itself but also of its entire production cycle.

‘Green’ in cosmetics

The topic of ecological and green in cosmetics not only concerns an ethical/social aspect but also has more than one implication from a technical point of view.

We can’t forget, in fact, that any cosmetic must not only be sustainable, but also maintain and respect certain quality standards and be safe for the consumer.

In short, that is a challenge not exactly easy to face and, above all, it can’t concern just the manufacturing company, but it must necessarily involve, and in fact it does in a cross way, the entire production chain: from the companies that design and manufacture machinery for the cosmetics industry, to the distribution market, to the end consumer.

In other words, in order to decrease the environmental impact of cosmetics, we need to work consistently across the whole sector and each one has to do its part.

So far, most actions have focused on the end product (with the predominant use of environmentally friendly products in raw materials and packaging), but this is only one part of the matter, even if still important. There must be a 360° approach.

Shaping a truly sustainable future for the cosmetics industry requires actions on four levels: industry, company, product, end consumer.

Eco-sustainability: a necessary transition also for Lorenzato

Aware of the importance of this matter, our company invests every year in research and development, with the aim of placing its core business within what we call the ecological transition.

This is a real challenge which, for us, also means the opportunity to take truly innovative paths thanks to the contribution and support of technology.

A commitment that we have decided to pursue with perseverance and determination because this is the only way to achieve tangible results.

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